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What are you working on this week? (20210516-20210522)

I'm working this week on:

  • The weather is dry and warm. Perfect for backpacking.
  • This week, I'm reading Leigh Calvez's The Hidden Lives of Owls So far more about 'owling,' which is what owl watching is called, than about the owls themselves. But such is the nature of storytelling. Also reading, A collection of humorous flash nonfiction. Super funny! Making tons of notes!
  • Working on a new video presentation featuring part of my note-making workflow.
  • Working up a script that will Tracking people mentions in archive 202105160502.md when it gets a little more developed, I may put it out for your comments and suggestions. So far, the output looks like this:

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Joan Didion 4 Mentions

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Wallace Stevens 7 Mentions

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[[202001270859]] The Snow Man
[[201906241744]] The Thing Itself

Will Simpson
I must keep doing my best even though I'm a failure. My peak cognition is behind me. One day soon I will read my last book, write my last note, eat my last meal, and kiss my sweetie for the last time.


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    More like this weekend: a small tweak to the Zettlr configuration. The title section of a Zettel starts with heading level 1, a timestamp ID (also the name of the markdown file) and a title. The setting

    Settings → Display: if present, use the first heading level 1 instead of filename

    produces the display of the left pane below, which includes titles. Without this, only Zettel IDs are shown in Zettlr's left pane. This configuration permits changing the title of a Zettel title without changing its immutable Zettel ID and without changing or disconnecting any links between Zettels.

    As for the rest of the week, probably Japanese language study--nothing as difficult as reading the poetry of Wallace Stevens! (I'm partial to the analytical technique of Helen Vendler's "Poems Poets Poetry" since I am reluctant to read poetry with the unaided eye.)

    Incidentally, I'm using Zettlr+Pandoc+MikTeX+Zotero+BetterBibTeX, since I'm on Windows 10. Have had to reset Windows yet again. Occasionally I'll view the Zettel graph in Obsidian, but don't tell anyone.

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  • WAYWOW is back :)

    Knowledge work:

    • Reading "Essentialism" by McKeown. Finished 100 pages in an hour of transit (bus/train), so I don't expect much from this book :)
    • Been experimenting with shorter links for my own personal blog, and want to script e.g. a command to set the updated_at timestamp to 'now' when I edit a post.

    Work work:

    • Reviewing the new editor code for The Archive.
    • A week worth of programming for my freelance gig

    Author at Zettelkasten.de • https://christiantietze.de/

  • Reading "Essentialism" by McKeown. Finished 100 pages in an hour of transit (bus/train), so I don't expect much from this book

    Haha. To add a bit of context. I read this book and recommended Christian to NOT read it. :D

    • Project: Zettelkasten

      • Editing the manuscript (finishing the second chapter)
      • Recording the online course. Truly a SLOG for me.
      • Working on a quite important article on "How value is created in a Zettelkasten"
    • Research Topic: Story, Myth, Character building

      • Quite undirected work in the moment. I am collecting a whole lot mythologems and something that I call the mythological Lifeworld
    • My general work:

      • I am working on something similar like Ruben's Workshop which is not one of my main focusses now. But now and then I have some ideas that I flesh out until I can make it happen.

    I am a Zettler

  • General:

    • I've collected some thoughts on using my Zettelkasten for my research and I'll be writing a forum post about it. Posting here for accountability :smile:
    • Got a bunch of loose notes lying around that needs to copied to the PC (and possible ZK)*


    • Gotta make a go/no-go decision on submitting to a conference
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    I've been updating hub notes or what Will calls TOC notes.

    This work has been ongoing since November last year. I'm realizing how crucial these hubs are to navigating through the ZK and also orienting the path you might take. Before I started this project, my archive (2500+ notes) was largely clustered around nodes that gathered similarly-themed links in long unorganized lists. Now I've been adding organizational sections in each hub/TOC note.

    Here's an example of a recently updated TOC note about the concept of Hauntology:

    Started ZK 4.2018. "The path is at your feet, see? Now carry on."

  • My week so far has been much more prosaic. I did go out for about a 5 km birding walk this morning, and as I was leaving the park near our home, heard some very irate Robins. What was the fuss all about? A Barred Owl sitting "peacefully" (trying to sleep) in a tall fir tree. A 100 m or so beyond the park was a literal cacophony of Northwestern Crows - again, what was the problem? A large Raven, trying to ignore the dive bombers. How can you tell it is nesting season and everyone is on edge? :smile:

  • I'm reading "Data Management at Scale: Best Practices for Enterprise Architecture", which is insanely information dense. Lots of different things coming together. I'm creating a frightening number of notes, as each chapter could practically be a book on its own.

    Next to that, I'm using my zettelkasten to flesh out some work-related ideas to put into presentations.

  • Joe Didion is awesome. I've been adding a network of notes around the synopticon to my list. Creating an entry for each person, idea, and book.

  • One day late but you get the point....

    ZK - doing a few cross connect brainstorm sessions about existing notes that might divulge something new and otherwise unique, writing new notes every day based on my readings

    Work - hacking the sh*t out of people and then telling them how to get less hackable :)

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