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Anybody using this approach to manage contacts? How?

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I'm using AirTable for my contacts management.
You can think of it as a simple CRM.

Since I'm working to keep things the most simple as possible, I'm wondering how I could do the same with simple text notes.

My light CRM is not just a list of names, but I also put:

  • location
  • job
  • company
  • projects we have done together

This way if I'm looking, say, for a journalist, I simply click on the "journalist" category and I get all my contacts related to journalism.
The same with location when I move to other cities and want to network with someone.

Something like this.

I fear that if I use a simple text note I lose such feature.

Any tips?

BTW: the same for the academic papers I find on the Web... ;-)

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  • A Zettelkasten isn't really designed to be a substitute for a CRM. There are some robust CRM programs out there and programs that are not designed to be a CRM but can handle the load handily, such as Notion. Zettelkasten is designed to hold reference material, link thoughts, look for new ideas, etc.

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