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Feature request: multiple archives

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For people who, like me, work on very different projects at the same time, it would be nice to be able to use different archives (this is already partly possible) and to switch easily from one to another.

Currently, it is possible to switch and then reopen the previous archive, but it is not straightforward. This is why I would suggest:

  1. a menu from which to choose the archive to use (like in File > Open recent...)
  2. the saved searches are associated to archives (currently, when switching archives, the list of search remains the same, but that makes no sense!)
  3. even better: possibility to open different archives simultaneously (one per tab)
  4. cherry on the pie: when the app is launched, re-open the tabs/archives as they were when the app was closed

What do you think?


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    Welcome to the forums. What are your areas of interest? How do you use The Archive?

    Early on, this was my thinking, but I've come to see the advantages of a single archive. Sophisticated saved searches can separate projects when desired, but I get the advantages of all my ideas comingling.

    As a beta tester, I'd like to see a smoother way to switch to a "test" environment with its own theme, saved searches, and archive. But I'd find no other use for this feature in my zettelkasten.

    Will Simpson
    I'm a zettelnant.
    Research areas: Attention Horizon, Productive Procrastination, Dzogchen, Non-fiction Creative Writing

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    Hi new user here but so far, happy with how "simple" things are in this method and this software that it really can make it stick for me .... (I explored too many fancy apps and methodology).

    Anyway, I wanted to echo TS's idea. For myself, I use The Archive as a final destination for notes.. in other words, it is meant to be the final reference point for all my knowledge. Problem is the areas of my interest are very wide. One area is Trading (as in stock and shares) and one is in Real Estate (which is my work). They are quite varied and I don't fancy lumping them into the same folder or search or ...

    So I did have two subfolders in my folder and then switch them in 1Writer (on my iPad and iPhone) and in the Archive. But I find switching in the Archive a little more troublesome :)

    I hence thought the idea of a separate archive is a good idea. Perhaps the "switching" can be done easily on this left side of the menu.


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