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Do a little bit of thing on each one everyday or the opposite?

Suppose that I have a lifestyle that I can manage my time at my will
for 95% of my time. My goal is to explore more ideas, to learn more
new things by reading books.

An easy example would be reading books in different categories. If I
need to read a 700-page psychology book to read. I have two choices:

Plan A: read the book with a fixed schedule, e.g., two hours before
sleep every day.

Plan B: read the book anytime that I have free time. I am not saying
all the free time. Even during a busy day, I would still like to
allocate time to stress my body. Reviewing my weekly time
distribution, etc.

I think Plan A is less "stressful" than Plan B. With
Plan B, I tend to run towards the finish line, i.e., finish reading
this book. It might mean that I am more concentrated on the book. But
the downside is the feeling of rush.

Although Plan B is less "stress", it has a downside. I don't have a
longer working memory compared to Plan A, which requires more time
with concentration during a shorter time frame. The good thing about
Plan A is that I can work with a much more different board of view at
any time. Thus, it might make more chances for creativity.

What plan do you typically use in your life? Do you strictly follow one
mode or making adaption according to different content? Do you think
that Zettelkästen is more suitable for Plan A or Plan B or neither?

I would like to hear from you.


  • I just have 1-2 books that I am reading and then I read whenever it is the right time. So, perhaps I am on Plan B.

    I don't think that there is any difference regarding the ZKM. If you process books chapter by chapter you wouldn't divide reading and processing that strictly anyhow.

    I am a Zettler

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