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What are you working on this week (2020-12-21 - 2020-12-27)?

Holiday Edition for Those of Us Who Celebrate Festivus!

(Or any of the many other wonderful holidays this time of year!)

  • I just finished reading a refresher book on systems thinking in preparation for the design thinking course I'm taking next semester. Lots of great zettels came from that review! Now I can "relax" into the end of the year knowing that I've completed my feat of strength (preparing for next semester when I could have been eating cookies).
  • Now I can dive into all the other reading - and zettelkasting - I've been wanting to do! Mid-read of "Edgewalkers" by Judi Neal, various articles on creative self-efficacy, perhaps even a re-read of some of my favorite assignments over the last year to further fatten my Zettelkasten like a prized Christmas goose.
  • Then it will be time to break out the cookies, potato chips, and French onion dip (holiday staples since I was a kid) and binge-watch Absolutely Fabulous on Christmas Day! (Ah, these quarantine holidays!)

May this holiday season find you and yours happy and well, and may you win all of your feats of strength!


  • Working on not going mental whilst isolating with 3 energetic boys between the ages of 4 and 6...

  • Finally through a long run of work; after tomorrow, taking about 2 weeks off, with no thought but long walks in the local woods, bird watching (and keeping the feeders full) and focusing on fattening up my Zettelkasten.

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