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Hello Forum
Currently I'm using DEVONthing_3 to archive articles I find on the net. Only a few days ago I started to work on the topic of Zettelkasten again.
Some time ago I had installed the program Zettelkasten_1 by Daniel Lüdecke, but then I did not use it. Now I have installed Zettelkasten_3. I use macOS 10.13.6. By chance I found this forum. At the moment I'm reading the following book: Das Zettelkasten-Prinzip by Sönke Ahrens. Which articles are here in the forum to get deeper into the topic card index? Are there more extensive German articles on the net? Are there any strategies to apply the card index principle if Daniel Lüdecke's program is no longer available or if it is no longer maintained?

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