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Interesting papers to enrich your ZK

I think it is enriching to process sources that are not within ones domain. If you have a paper that is understandable for the rest of us who aren't familiar with the domain you can post it here. Please cover the bellow aspects, so that this thread is not just a link list or a wall of text or both. If you want to discuss the content of a paper, feel free to create a separate discussion and place a link in this thread to it.

Every post should contain:

  1. The link to the article. With its title and authors of course.
  2. The special relevance of this article to people who aren't familiar with this domain.
  3. What you did with this article.

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    Synaesthesia — A Window IntoPerception, Thought and Language by .S. Ramachandran and E.M. Hubbard

    Why it is interesting in general: Synaesthesia is a very good phenomon to understand how the brain actually presents us with very little of what is factually there and a lot of perception that it generated itself.

    What I did with this article: I use it to enrich my mental model of Synaesthesia. For example, that Synaesthetic Associations are Stable over Time which is important for its validity. Those are not spontanously made up associations but a stable way people see the world. I am using this paper especially to explore the role of the different hemispheres of the brain as I need a solid mental model on the brain for my theory of Encephalic Constructivism. This the position that the architecture of the brain can be used to infer some architectural traits of the world since the brain is both part of the world and is adapted to deal with it (and partly with itself).

    I didn't create much text during the processing because:

    The ideas we have presented in this essay are highly speculative but we hope they will provide a springboard for future speculations and experimental work on synaesthesia.

    The most important quote:

    [W]e may speak of the amygdala and nucleus accumbens as developing an ‘emotional salience map’ of objects and events in the world.

    The connection to Kurt Lewins Field Theory and Jordan Petersons Map of Meaning is obvious. Both on the level of concept and the underlying brain mechanisms.

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    "Das Medienmonopol", Verick 2006

    Why it is interesting in general: we are all surrounded by media. Chances are that some events inspire us to take notes in our Zettelkasten. Some of these notes should connect to this book relatively easily.

    What I did with this article: I used this to connect with news about elections, military movements, the oil price war and many other events in 2020.

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  • Ramachandran and Hubbard 1 defined synaesthesia is a curious condition
    in which an otherwise normal person experiences sensations in one
    modality when a second modality is stimulated.

    They provided an example. Whenever someone encounters a particular
    tone, she may experience a specific color. My understanding is that
    synaesthesia is a condition when people have total different
    sensations from the same thing that the person would not experience at
    the normal condition.

    I personally never experience such interesting experience, but I will
    keep a watchdog for it.

  • Bargh, John A. Before You Know It: The Unconscious Reasons We Do What We Do. New York: Touchstone, 2017.

    Why it is interesting in general: Psychology is very interesting in general for taking notes. Our brain is confronted with similar problems we face when taking notes. The book is an introduction to consciousness.

    What I did with this article: I use it to decide how to take notes and how to connect my notes.

    my first Zettel uid: 202008120915

  • @zk_1000 said:
    Bargh, John A. Before You Know It: The Unconscious Reasons We Do What We Do. New York: Touchstone, 2017.

    Thanks for that suggestion; looks interesting!

  • YouTube video: The Most Important Scientific Discoveries and Events of 2020

    Why it is interesting in general: it's a summary of the scientific advancement in 2020.

    What I did with this article: I write down most of the main items in
    the following paragraph.

    • Reusable rocket is booming.
    • Neurolink is about to interact with humans.
    • First visible star system with a black hole was identified near Telescopii.
    • LHC announced that they observed a new particle.
    • A fifth aggregate state of the matter, Bose-Einstein condensate, was observed.
    • PH3, which is believed to be evidence of life, was found on Venus.
    • Organic substance was found on Mercury.
    • NASA used OSIRIS-REx to take a soil sample from 101955 Bennu, an inter-planetary object.
    • Solar object was lunch to investigate the polar region of the Sun.
    • Man is able to develop a molecule to absorb the energy from the Sun.
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