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Q&A #6 - Plural of Zettel

Q&A #6 - Plural of Zettel

Learn how to pluralize the German word 'Zettel' in this video

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    Is this discussion referring to the English language? Until now i was using Zettel as the plural form of #zettel but am going to adapt this new convention.

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  • Yes. But it is not dogma. I trust in the natural adoption of those terms. To be honest, I think Zettel will disapear and just note will do it.

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  • I'm fine with anything, ha ha. But i am longing for a bit more common language for the forum. There can still some terminology be found here that i didn't bother figuring out its analogy or difference to what i am already familiar with.

    my first Zettel uid: 202008120915

  • Part of the attraction for me to zettelkasting is the cool language involved. This is a personal quirk. I easily fall for projects with exotic, magical, and often foreign names. As an example, I am currently studying and am fascinated with Kumiko and Dzogchen, each with its own language and terms.

    I think I'm going to migrate to using the English terms for all this note-taking stuff. It will make residing on the plural forms of the terms easier. But way less cool.

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    As a reminder, the plural form for Zettelkasten is Zettelkästen. I've had this wrong, too.

    Here's a very helpful discussion about using the term Zettel vs note: whats-the-best-translation-for-zettel

    If anything we can still resort to a term i've discovered only recently in YouTube's automatic subtitles: settle custom method.

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  • "Zettels" works for me :>) I use the term to mean a note within my ZK, whereas other "notes" are outside my ZK. I probably won't change that usage.

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