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Can you build a physical zettelkasten without the help of digital means?

Well, its a self explanatory question. Can you? And if you can, how?

And one other question --> How close to the actual zettelkasten is Ryan Holiday and Robert Greenes' Notecard system?

Thank you!


  • I've been messing around with Zettelkasten for a few months now. I started with half-sheets of paper, and I LOVED it. But I keep coming back to The Archive and a digital solution. Maybe I'll end up back on paper, but I kept trying to imagine having 2,000 sheets of paper in my system, and I couldn't imagine it being super useful. So much friction. Not that friction is bad. I just know that if there's too much friction I won't use it. But I waffle back and forth between analog and digital regularly, so ask me next week. 😂

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