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organizing data/program instead of working

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Hello my dear forum members!

I still struggle with implementing an effective workflow with Zettlr/ Obsidian (..right now also use anki for srs and dynalist for work-plans/project lists and outlines).

I like surfing through my Zettelkasten and linking ideas. What makes me stop respectively switch to the old style of frickling word text blocks together and apart may be:

i feel like i do very much organizational work in Zettlr, too. That is, copy pasting the Zettlr templates again and again, copy pasting zettel into a structure note, clicking back and forth between those. Searching for tags, seeing the results of the text search but necessarily coming back to Zettels who need to be structured again.

Anybody who had similar struggles at first? As i said in another post, i feel like the simple markdown approach makes it more complicated actually (Kind of paradox as i looked forward to merge my clutter of notes, projects, summarizations,...)

Or should i just keep the creation of documents seperated from this if i don't seem to be successful?


  • @amunicapunica I'm don't understand your question very well. But for a simple answer to perhaps part of your question - I stick to the Zettelkasten "rules" as to how to write ZK notes and how to tag and connect them, i.e., how to create a Zettelkasten. If I want to write an article from some ZK notes, I do that in separate software (Scrivener). I don't think The Archive is very good for writing articles or books, nor was it intended for that.

  • How much time exactly? (Try measuring with a stop watch how much)

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    @Sascha i will do that. Maybe until this point, i describe my workflow a little more precise and maybe people might say "try to play with point X".

    1. Planning the week, the month the day:
    • Bullet journal (weekly appointments, habit-tracker, weekly review)
    • random notes on to-do lists;
    1. Reading Books or papers..:
    • handwritten note which will end up in a chronological folder with Index/ alternatively: an A6 notebook which will end up...somewhere/ alternatively: google keep on my phone

    • Zettelkasten software: a. thoughts eventually resulting from thinking about my notes or sth. else with reference to the date of the handwritten note/ the book/ the article. b. eventually connecting them to old ones.

    1. Work projects and lists of things i might refer to soon:
    • Dynalist -> "Next; Planning; Work in Progress; Done"
    • alternatively: beginning of the word document in which i am writing the article
    1. What i want to get rid of: Excessive Bookmarking in Mozilla/ Excessive saving of paper i might need in the future.

    2. What i want to improve:

    • Where and how i store digital reference material (simplefying)
    • Eventually integrate work related knowledge and referencing into Zettelkasten program
    • Eventually find a tool where i can quickly arrange and merge Zettels to write articles (Scrivener seems to be your solution for this @GeoEng51. I will look into Typora
  • Follow up: Do you intend to write the complete article in your ZK?

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  • Hey, thanks for the question: I don't think so, as i would loose the overview of links/text in the zettelkasten-software pretty fast. I use colors and formatting very intensively.

    right now, i begin literally everything with some handwritten tree-diagrams and sometimes try to summarize a text into one sentence/statement/problem. Then re-arrange blocks of text/quotes in a word document.

    I think apart from single thoughts i would like to use my ZK for the second step, meaning the summary or "abstract" where i write about what i want to write, why with a list (=outline) of the used zettels and handwritten notes.

    If i would write everything in my ZK, i would try to use a second app where i arrange the developed outline visually or sth. like that.

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