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Two Notes with the same UID

I noticed yesterday that I had two notes with the same UID. I wasn't sure how that happened, but not the end of the world; I made them different.

However, I was wondering what happens in TA when you have two notes with the same UID, and then click on that UID from some other note (or in a self-referential manner; either way)? Does that mess anything up? Does TA get confused?


  • Since The Archive just performs a search, nothing bad will happen. (It's still awkward for the human in front of the computer, of course.) When you use the ⌘U shortcut to create a new ID, The Archive will Advance Time™️ to fetch an unused ID, if necessary.

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  • @ctietze So does The Archive just find the first instance of the UID or does it show all instances thereof? If I'm clicking on a UID in some note, presumably it just takes me to the first note with that UID that it finds? (Apologies for being pedantic; I'm just curious).

  • On the level of the method: I consider two notes with the same ID part of the same Zettel.

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