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Hello from Liverpool, UK

Just outside Liverpool really, but that has less of a ring to it! :)

Zettelkasten is something I stumbled upon on Monday and immediately I have decided to try it. I have downloaded and started using Obsidian, and while I sense there is some value there for me I am still of course very much in the early stages of:

  1. Figuring out if / how this is something that can help me
  2. Assuming that this can help me, learning to do it well

I am not an academic, nor a writer (or rather, my writing is generally quite informal). I am a software developer ("lead dev" to be specific). The reason I think I am drawn to Zettelkasten is I have always had a nagging feeling that I could be doing a lot better in structuring my learning. This relates to learning in the area of software development, but perhaps moreso - learning around my "hobbies", for example: BJJ and music theory.

To @sfast - in reviewing the forum I notice that (I think) you do BJJ - judging by your comment in this discussion (from 2018): https://forum.zettelkasten.de/discussion/151/discipline-is-freedom. I am curious to know - do you still do BJJ and do you use Zettelkasten in any way to help with your BJJ development?


  • No, I never used it for BJJ nor I am practicing any martial arts at the moment.

    Now, I would use it to save all the stuff you want to repeat. Drills and flows for example. If you also have you workout diary in the Zettelkasten you can control what you've done and what to work on.

    I am a Zettler

  • @ronnymuk, welcome to the forums. I hope we can help with your two queries. Sorry, I don't BJJ or know much about music theory except what I've gleaned from reading John Cage.

    Will Simpson
    My zettelkasten is for my ideas, not the ideas of others. I will try to remember this. I must keep doing my best even though I'm a failure. My peak cognition is behind me. One day soon, I will read my last book, write my last note, eat my last meal, and kiss my sweetie for the last time.

  • Thank you both.

    I have some vague ideas around how I could use ZK to help with BJJ. If they prove beneficial I will certainly share my experiences.

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    Hello @ronnymuk, I am also from Liverpool.

  • @sam_c said:
    Hello @ronnymuk, I am also from Liverpool.

    Hey sam, a fellow scouser! 😁

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