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Near-Perfect Score on an Exam, thanks to my Zettelkasten

The summer semester is nearly over and finals are upon me. So of course, I finally got my midterm back. This was for a graduate-level course in geography and spatial sciences, a field in which I have no formal background prior to this course. The exam was open notes, but timed. For me, this meant that I had The Archive open. I'm pleased to announce that I only missed one question, and a multiple-choice question at that. On the much-feared short answer portion, I got perfect marks!

Now, I genuinely don't mean this to brag. I synthesized my answers (e.g., to questions like "Explain the difference between choropleth and dasymetric maps, including their respective uses") directly in conversation with my ZK, just as Luhmann said. By finding the notes for the right concepts (and the gaps between) my answers emerged fluidly -- and the proof is in the proverbial pudding. So, consider this my small testimony of what learning with the ZK can do.


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