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How big does a zettelkasten need to be for illustrative purposes?

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I'm creating a public zettelkasten and the question of scope came to mind. My actual zettelkasten has no scope, as scopes primary purpose is to help you keep focus on the knowledge you are trying to develop. But how big does a zettelkasten have to get whereby people can get a good understanding of how it works?

Number of Notes
  1. How many notes is good for educational purposes?1 vote
    1. 50
    2. 100
    3. 500
    4. 1000
    5. 5000
    6. 10,000
    7. 30,000


  • It depends on what you want to demonstrate. Technically, I think to truly demonstrate all aspects of the Zettelkasten 6000-7000 is sufficient. I personally, witnessed no difference increase in complexity after ~4000-5000 Zettel.

    But if you just want demonstrate the key mechanics and base actions even a dozen are plenty.

    My answer is obviously biased by my own experience in teaching the method.

    I am a Zettler

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