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Nonfiction writer in Japan diving into the Zettelkasten

Greetings! I am brand new to the forum and to the whole Zettelkasten thing (only first learned of it a week ago), but I’m really excited to get going.

I’m a photographer and nonfiction writer based in Japan, and my motivation to get started with this is a couple of large-scale, long-term projects that will eventually yield books or magazine articles or both. I’m researching and writing about various topics relating to Japan, including (for example) a project that deconstructs miso soup. It’s a surprisingly rich subject once you really begin taking it apart and looking closely.

I’ve explored and organized the direction/subject matter of my research mostly using X-Mind, and now that I’m beginning to accumulate material, I need an effective way of organizing everything, which brings me here. For now, I’m going to be using iA Writer for my Zettelkasten, as I am already using it for my writing in general (recently switched from Ulysses).

This project will span many years and take me all over Japan (likely all on my own dime), so I want to get my systems set up effectively from the start.

Really excited to have discovered the method, as well as this forum. I’m already learning a ton.

Cheers from Saitama!


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    ganbatte kudusai, saitama sama. (I don't know japanese, but watched Takeshis Castle a lot)

    Welcome to the community.

    I am a Zettler

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