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Lots of discussions, no examples

Wait, don't get me wrong. I love the discussions happening in this forum.

The people here are awesome--the breadth of the ideas is comparable (or even better) than what you'll find in a paid membership. I'm absolutely grateful for that.

One thing that struck me, though, is that we don't have enough examples that you can work on in the forum.

What I mean is that a lot of us (especially newbies) have read the manuals on the blog but are still confused. It's not because the guides are complicated, no--they're excellent resources. But a lot of ZK can be figured out in a concrete way if we at least had mock examples.

Just the other day, I taught my cousin (he's studying management information systems) how to use the Zettelkasten. I only gave him the basic principles as taught by Sonke, Christian & Sascha, and those I've learned from the other members.

Because I taught him the principles and gave him a copy of my actual collection as an example, he learned to do it in just 2 days. My point is...

A lot of novices can save a lot of freaking time learning ZK if only they had examples to imitate at first.
A lot of debates can easily be settled (or...zettled?) if both sides can see how the other person actually did it.

To be fair, I think the friction comes from the number of steps involved to share a collection.

But hey, if someone with a working ZK collection can create sort of an "interactive" collection, then that eliminates a lot of future questions already.

You might ask, "Why don't you share your collection?" Good question. Well, I started over and I'm still building my collection as of this writing. But I made a mock ZK collection you can access here:


By the way, I'm always prepared to be wrong--if you see me somehow violating the ZK commandments (except the Folgezettel, I find it useful in my case) please let me know.


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