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Share your ZK plans for 17 APR - 23 Apr? What were your successes from last week?

When our most immediate day-to-day tasks are not related to keystone goals, it becomes a huge challenge to carve time for life's big challenges.

Maybe a survey is in order?

Please share what you have been working on or will be working on soon. Please share what you wish you'd be working on. Use this as a public accountably tool, as a way to start a conversation, and to socialize your understanding.


2022 Week 16

Last Week

  1. Met with the New York Times writer Carl Zimmer as part of JAMM328 and found the conversation a wealth of ideas, many captured in ZK.
  2. Trouble with near_search.py. Can you hear my screams?
  3. Started a historical fiction novella using ZK! Excited about the prospects. I'm going backpacking to the protagonist's gravesite in the Rapid River Wild and Scenic River Area for research next weekend.
  4. Refreshed kestrelcreek.com adding the Scientist Profile I wrote using my early ZK/Writing workflow described in a forum post.

This Week

  1. Final writing assignment in JAMM328 Science Writing - an Op-ed.
  2. Registration for next term opens Friday at 3 PM for me.
  3. Prepping for the first backpacking trip of the year.


These are the titles of the last few notes I've created and am excited about. Show me yours! We are interested in seeing what you are up to, even if you have one or two newish zettel to share!


  • Lyrical Music Notation [20220416]

  • Writing Workflow Documentation [20220416]

  • Rapid River [20220416]
  • McCrea Place [20220416]
  • Immanent information in a graph [20220413]

    • A graph is more "immanent" when lines are weighted by values.
  • C-JAMM328 April 13, 2022 [20220413]

    • Class Notes


Will Simpson
I must keep doing my best even though I'm a failure. My peak cognition is behind me. One day soon I will read my last book, write my last note, eat my last meal, and kiss my sweetie for the last time.

Weekly Checkin
  1. Do you find value in a weekly checkin to how your zettelkasting is going?6 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Maybe, I hadn't thought much about sharing with my fellow zettelnauts my knowledge project path.
  2. Should we continue this weekly checkin?6 votes
    1. Yes.
    2. Yes, but maybe once a month is frequent enough.
    3. No, Please stop!
  3. Should we change the format?6 votes
    1. Yes, drop the sections and be more free form.
    2. Yes, just show us what I think is the best zettel I created last week or so.
    3. Yes, drop the Trivia section.
    4. Yes, drop the Last Week section. Who cares, its history.
    5. Yes, drop the This Week section. The public accountability section is narcissistic.
    6. No


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    I really dig the "check ins" (or, in Agile-SCRUM-parlay: the weekly stand up) to see how everyone's doing, what y'all are struggling with, and which books you read.

    Last week

    Highlight: Spent Saturday with the ""in-laws"" (quotes because I'm not married) on a 50sqm field we tilled a couple of weeks ago to remove all the weeds and sods and finally plant some potatoes and beans. I find that doing this kind of work for 8 hours straight is absolutely in my ballpark of spending a day. Of course I get tired, but less than I'd expect, and there's always energy left in the tank for plowing, plucking, shovelling, carrying, ... -- that's a nice experience :)

    Upgraded by build tools (= new Xcode version) and rebuilt all my apps with it successfully. I released an update to my work break timer, Move!, using version 2.0 of the app updater component Sparkle, that was conceived more than a decade ago by Andy Matuschak, by the way! The open source team that picked up the project years ago managed to release a new version late 2021, and I'm starting to test this starting from my most simple app, Move!, working my way up to The Archive eventually. It's always a pain if the updater breaks and people don't get new updates anymore, so I'm cautious there. Been burnt a couple of times.


    • Books on gardening and vermicompost, e.g. Worms eat my garbage, to fix our compost that sits behind the garages.
    • Philosophy or Programming, last chapter


    12 new notes:

    • 202204141245 Multi monitor vs large monitor benefits
    • 202204141053 Use thumbnail in carousels to increase visibility
    • 202204140919 Mietvertrag erweitern bei Einzug in bestehenden Vertrag (amending rental agreement for new tenant)
    • 202204140917 Mietvertrag erweitern bei Auszug oder Trennung (amending rental agreement to remove a tenant)
    • 202204132247 Reusable signature and date lines in LaTeX
    • 202204131156 Quote how tech companies realize dystopian visions
    • 202204131147 Open source software as national security concern
    • 202204131142 Pro-Russian propaganda via WordPress plugin
    • 202204131133 The 4 software freedoms
    • 202204130811 Kompostgitter für Schubkarre
    • 202204121247 Download macOS Big Sur Installer
    • 202204120913 Install Haskell CLI ledger tool Buchhaltung

    This week

    Tuesday is the start of another 2-week-spring for "work work". So today's the day I'm going to be tinkering a bit on TableFlip to introduce the new updater component. Next will be editing posts for ZK.de, the draft-making script @Annabella so generously tested to identify a problem, then some more website tinkering for the rest of the week.

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  • @ctietze said:
    I really dig the "check ins" ... to see how everyone's doing, what y'all are struggling with, and which books you read.

    Same, although mostly for the struggles and what's up. If I can help in some way, I like to chime in.

    Last Week

    • Finished reading the chapter on Niklas Luhmann's Zettelkasten from Forgetting Machines: Knowledge Management Evolution in Early Modern Europe edited by Alberto Cevolini.
    • Narrowed down what I needed from What Color Is Your Parachute by Richard Nelson Bolles, so I'm going through it faster.
    • Greatly reorganized the Zettelkasten, which has also forced me to put on hold any processing until I'm done here. Thanks @ctietze for the script. :)
    • Regained hope in my stars.
    • Read Information is surprise by Marianne Freiberger

    This Week

    • Figure out how to remove my legal surnames. Turns out that the gender identity name change thing only allows you to change the first names.
    • Read A mathematical theory of communication by Claude E. Shannon et. al.
    • Continue the reorganization of my Zettelkasten.
    • Go on reading What Color Is Your Parachute by Richard Nelson Bolles.


    • 202204131146 Tags - Definition
    • 202204141521 Usefulness and relevancy relationship
    • 202204160815 !2 Identity
    • 202204160904 !2 Sleep
    • 202204161134 Serenity Choice Sleep
  • Trivia

    • 202204170605 Koan The Tiger and the Strawberry
    • 202204160834 Zettelkasten Deal with Current News
    • 202204141627 Ears front frown is offensive
    • 202204141621 Tail up is called I-handle
    • 202204141616 File title and header should be synchronized
    • 202204131017 Slip box use cases for search
    • 202204121500 Global alliance of withdrawn border surveillance
    • 202204111341 Research Card Index
    • 202204101836 Zettelkasten raw material collection for writers
    • 202204100646 Overcoming Porn Addiction through SelfControl

    I am a Zettler

  • Hi @Will :)
    I really enjoy your weekly review post. I add this to my Zettelkasten after writing this and it became my weekly rendez-vous as well. I can see how other ones go as well

    Last week :

    Sing with MiniBear. Probably ending by learning Japanese by accident : MiniBear loves the song "Tonari no Totoro" A LOT and asks for every songs of the film.

    We song, yes, and I now understand simple sentences in Japanese. Maybe learning Japanese with MiniBear ? (project ?)

    Objectif : Run my first Python piece of code thanks to : automate boring stuff thanks to Python and compulse this book into my Zettelkästen (new departement coming soon).

    Ooooh that is totaly missed. Following the critic in "Critic my Zettel", I now re-work my whole Zettelkasten when ID files names, and I make some modifications.

    Make at least three new mythological entries.

    Yes/no, I re-work Demeter goddess, reading a book, I have some fleeting notes to work. Made Bouddhism notes some refractoring.

    If I can, compulse my Neil Gaiman novel review.

    Not at all. Missed.

    Ending FINALY my old notes from my encyclopedia to the new Zettelkasten system. Refresh informations.

    Ah ah ah… Not the slightess. Rework IDs and all.

    To end the 3rd acte of my novel

    I have completed that part, and begin the next one.

    Find an electronic piano to mobilize family for MiniBear's birthday.

    My father took this topic in hands.

    Adding a new curation article into my Zettelkästen and make a new post.

    Missed ! Let's move on.

    • I added a "keywords" section, with plain sentences into my notes. They will help me better than only tags in plain files searches.

    This week :

    • I will put a new goal : finishing importating and reworking my Zettelkasten with ids. This week is gonna be the week, babe.
    • "Rivers" subjects and "journaling" notes : see what they improve to me.
    • Improve in music field to help my son learn what matters to him.
    • Make critics of my sketches to improve my style
    • Finish programming the whole novel step by step for next parts.
    • Study why I have vertigos, make some meals reviews to see if it is hypoglycemia (which is weird as I forget to eat as a basic since years) lack of sleep (…same here) or migraines (more probable) and preventing me to forget eating.
    • Finding time to answer to friends

    Trivias :

    • [[220411.342133]] - Fighting lexicon
    • [[220412.164052]]- idea - cursed mark of a wizard
    • [[220414.021907-QX]] - Douris Calliades - Eos et Memnon ceramic
    • [[220414.235818]] - taste and self satisfaction of making art
    • [[220415.090900]] - Some creativity tools
    • [[E.220416.090815]] - Lifh's trial
    • [[220416.154818]] - Koan - Définition (reworked)
    • [[220416.160533]] - Satori - Definition (reworked)
    • [[220416.162807]] - Koan - The tiger and the strawberry
    • [[220416.182453]] - Koan - The tigre and the strawberry interpretation
    • [[220417.045633-X]] - Skull - exemples
    • [[220417.174001]] - Déméter (reworked)
    • [[E.220417.75431]] - Why Orion (novel) seems carefree
    • [[220417.884452-X]] - Moldiness process of dead body
    • [[220418.002344]] - A solution envisage : Index calc  ?
    • [[E.220418.MDA5A2]] - Livre 5 -Acte 2
    • [[E.220418.MDA5A5]] - Livre 5 - Acte 5 - L'instant F
  • @Will I want to clarify my response by saying that I don't think I (and others) would be benefited by weekly "check-in", as my progress is slow (that's why I voted for once a month). But I do enjoy reading what others have written.

  • I might check in once a year. I'm still resetting Windows.

    GitHub. Erdős #2. CC BY-SA 4.0. Problems worthy of attack / prove their worth by hitting back. -- Piet Hein.

  • @GeoEng51 said:
    @Will I want to clarify my response by saying that I don't think I (and others) would be benefited by weekly "check-in", as my progress is slow (that's why I voted for once a month). But I do enjoy reading what others have written.

    I meant by me checking in weekly - others obviously gain much benefit from checking in more regularly. My response was purely in reference to your question 1.

  • @Loni Do your unique identifiers come with square brackets or were those added for your post? If the former, what's your link convention?

  • @Annabella said:
    @Loni Do your unique identifiers come with square brackets or were those added for your post? If the former, what's your link convention?

    They come with square brackets :) I copied my index from obsidian and translated titles.

    My link convention is "[[filename]] - Hand added notes" or [[alias]] - Hand added notes. It mays change with time.

  • @ZettelDistraction Classic Windows. In Linux, you can disable automatic updates. I do that and update during my weekly cleaning instead. Perhaps you could do something similar?

    @Loni Ok, that's confusing. With this convention, if I want to link to [[220411.342133]] - Fighting lexicon, which one of the following would be the link?

    • [[[[220411.342133]] - Fighting lexicon]]
    • [[Fighting lexicon]]
    • [[220411.342133]]
  • The link is only the one between brackets.

    In order to make links, Obsidian only recognizes file name (here the ID "220411.312133") or the alias "Fighting lexicon" but not the title of the note. It is not like The Archive or Zettlr and it is quite an aberration, as HTLM docs does not care about alias, only title, but it's the way the software works.

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    I don't understand. Why use aliases? Also, could you elaborate on what you want from the software?

    Edit: I misunderstood you, so I changed this to reflect that.

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  • @Annabella said:

    I don't understand. Why use aliases? Also, could you elaborate on what you want from the software?

    Edit: I misunderstood you, so I changed this to reflect that.

    For the sake of posteriority, this discussion continued here: https://forum.zettelkasten.de/discussion/2249/how-to-overcome-the-fear-of-forgetting#latest

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