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What are you working on this week (2020-11-30 - 2020-12-06)?

I so appreciate these weekly threads! :blush:

I'm putting together my last paper for the semester (on creativity at work) and planning to catch up on reading (also on creativity at work). I haven't fed my ZK in over a week and look forward to diving back in to its conversations!

I'm also going to be doing a bit of a deeper dive into Appreciative Inquiry and have a book that I've been saving to prime myself for that upcoming 28-day journey. Such fun!

Also currently binging episodes of Steven Universe during my down time, so looking forward to continuing that adventure. :smile:

How about you? What do you have planned for this week?
Sending mighty mojo out to us all for our end-of-semester pushes and other pursuits,


  • Thanks, @jeannelking, for starting this thread. You've piqued my interest with your reference to Appreciative Inquiry and some mysterious and fun 28-day journey.

    Me, I'm taking solstice in that consistency beats intensity and curiosity beats smart. I'm working through my #inbox of ideas (21 notes at the moment). I do feel blessed to have a cornucopia of good ideas to develop. My focus can be deciphered by looking at the #inbox, and it reveals the ideas I'm currently sussing are solitude, Dzogchen, Jeykll, and writing.

    The pandemic semester is winding down with only 2 more assignments left, and I'm getting excited about the Seminar in Regional Northwest Literature class coming up.

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  • Just starting a couple of busy weeks on engineering review board work, so won't get much extra reading done. I do hope to make progress on a few new zettels, though. Sometimes it's easier to get things done when you are busy.

  • Oh, yay!

    I just submitted my final assignment for the semester, with the exception of my thesis prospectus due in about a week (though early drafts got promising feedback). I'm also finishing up a book I'm reviewing for a publisher and will be posting that. Thirdly, I'm teaching a seminar Thursday evening and I'll be culling from my ZK and poetry resources for that and creating the packet of seminar texts in LaTeX.

    Observations logged here: write.as/via-poetica

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    An update to The Archive is stuck for a couple days longer for technical reasons I truly despise, but I'm looking forward to hear feedback on this later this week.

    Oh, since it's December 1st, I had a look at my output of the past month. Especially in the last 2 weeks I've been processing tons of new information about a lot of things, and I'm pleased to see that I managed to add 101 new notes in November. That's pretty meaningless on its own, but it's a huge relative increase to what I usually achieve in my Zettelkasten, so that's nice! :) My total word count increased by 14k words, too, but that's a vanity metric in my case since I also store code snippets in there and comment and explain them. Which doesn't mean that I didn't had to type all these characters, it's just not the same as writing prose.

    |   Datum    | total | filter |   Worte  |
    | ---------- | ----- | ------ | -------- |
    | 2020-08-01 |  5720 |   5382 |   831508 |
    | 2020-09-01 |  5750 |   5412 |   834782 |
    | 2020-10-01 |  5762 |   5424 |   836109 |
    | 2020-11-01 |  5788 |   5451 |   838374 |
    | 2020-12-01 |  5889 |   5552 |   852984 |

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    @ctietze, you inspired me to look at my stats to see if I can fish out any trends. Unfortunately, I can't see anything of value in these statistics. Most of it seems just a vanity thing. It does show me I still have an invested interest in this practice.

    The drop in the number of notes this month is because as part of my secret project, I moved a group of 60 notes into their own instance of The Archive.

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    Will Simpson
    I'm a zettelnant.
    Research areas: Attention Horizon, Productive Procrastination, Dzogchen, Non-fiction Creative Writing

  • 21 out of 30!
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