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I'm looking for a quote

I’ve read a quote before about programming, but if I remember correctly, I found it about note-taking methods. Does anyone know? Where does this quote come from?

It was similar, if I remember correctly:

"When we start programming, we have to forget what programming is, what a computer is, and that's the only way we can be really creative."


  • Found it on https://zettelkasten.sorenbjornstad.com/#ZettelkastenDetailsTrap

    I think the first step is you have to say to yourself: "I don't know what I'm doing. We as a field don't know what we're doing." I think you have to say: "We don't know what programming is. We don't know what computing is. We don't even know what a computer is." And once you truly understand that and once you truly believe that then you're free and you can think anything.

    Bret Victor - The Future of Programming

  • @bimlas yay! Forgetting where you heard a quote can be the worst. I'm still haunted after many years by an un attributable quotes. Which makes me think its something I made up without realizing it.

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