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Navigation shortcuts and shortcuts for switch between notes list and text

I have two questions regarding The Archive:

1) are there any shortcuts for navigation through notes when text pane has focus? = Can I move up/down through my notes without switching focus back to sidebar (when I am in the middle of editing)? (In some applications, shortcuts like opt-cmd-arrow etc works for this)

2) how can I switch focus from text pane to sidebar/notelist pane and back using just keyboard? From sidebar to text, I can go by "tab" but how can I move focus back to sidebar/note list?

Thanks a lot


  • Hi,

    (1) I have had this requested before, but it's not yet implemented to change the note selection while the editor has focus. Thanks for offering a hint to which shortcut might be common. Do you recall which other app binds ⌘⌥+arrowkeys to this action?

    (2) Years ago, I got used to reset my location and then tab until I end up where I want to be. So I hit ⌘L and then Tab to get to the search result list. Maybe that's just muscle memory not making me consider anything else so far :)

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    ad 1) Things (from culturedcode) use cmd-opt-ctrl-up/down arrows to move through list (without focus). Ulysses uses cmd-opt-arrows for the same (without focus, with focus on text)

    ad 2) ⌘L + tab moves cursor back to note text, however ⌘L+up/down arrows move focus to note list, great tip, thanks.

    (To be precise, if there is search result chosen by default = e.g. when searching by id or by word which is included in file name, then tab moves focus to note text. When I search just by word and no search result is primarily chosen/focused = searched string is found in text of the note instead of title, then tab only switch focus between search bar and navigation controls. But it can be also due to my system preferences, I did not tested it. However, solution with⌘L+up/down arrows suffices for me.)

  • Yes, indeed a great keyboard navigation tip.
    ⌘L - search - then up/down arrow. When at appropriate search hit appears in note text - Tab places curse at search term. Thanks for sharing @ctietze.

    Will Simpson

  • Hm, I gather y'all didn't know this was a thing until today? :) I think we never mention it anywhere because it was a cornerstone of how Notational Velocity worked.

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  • Speaking for myself, never used any of those other texted based note-taking systems. Gravitated directly to The Archive. So here surfaces THE CURSE OF KNOWLEDGE.

    In trying to develop a rhythm with this ⌘L - search - then up/down arrow - TAB sequence I can't seem to find the keystroke that returns me to the note list at the current position within the current search.

    Can anyone point this out?

    Will Simpson

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