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Startup time of about 10s?

First post here. Really liking The Archive so far. I'm a longtime nvAlt and I'm very much liking the ways in which The Archive improves upon it. The only thing I miss about nvAlt at the moment, though, is the lightning fast startup time. I'm asking about this mostly because I want to make sure that particular setup is not the cause.

I have about 1.1k notes. Opening up The Archive and indexing my notes takes about 10s (I'm comparing this with nvAlt, which takes less than 1s). Do other people get similar startup times?

(I'm running OSX 10.14.2 on a 2017 3.4 GHz i5 iMac.)


  • Unlike nvALT, The Archive indexes all files in the folder upon launch. nvALT does this once, initially, and saves the index for later (the mysterious Notes & Settings file). There, the speed is comparable. Afterwards, nvALT will then only look for changes to the index since the last launch, and that's considerable faster. The Archive will eventually do this, too, but I don't want to settle too early on an index file format.

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  • Got it. Thanks for your quick and helpful answer!

  • I have 936 notes, 2017 Macbook Pro 3.1GHz core i7, startup is about 1 second for me, but then I might leave it running for days for fast access. Perhaps your notes are much longer than mine.

  • Weird. I don't have especially long notes, I don't think.

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