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Feature Requests Pending Implementation

Please comment your thoughts. Discussion could result in most universally valuable features being implemented in future builds.

Function 1 (software-implemented): Optional Visual Hierarchical Display of Saved Searches

Without affecting any other functionality, saved searched should be able to be organized into a visual expandable drop-down hierarchy, which again does not affect any other functionality, so does not implement hierarchical structuring into any aspect of the application other than the visual representation of the saved searches in the sidebar. This has obvious beneficial functionality without breaking the app. Feel free to discuss.

Function 2 (user-implemented): Bundled Tags

Right now, if I have tags #apple #banana & #pear, I am able to create a saved search called "Fruits" which saves the search query as "#apple OR #banana OR #pear". It would be advisable, in some instances, for you as the user to add the category name itself as a tag to the existing search parameters, such that the new search query is now saved as "#apple OR #banana OR #pear or #fruits". This allows the saved search to function as a category as well as a tag.

I call these types of saved searches "Categories", and the tags that represent the saved search redundantly "Category Tags"

^^^ Combining the above two functions does not deviate from to the existing principles underpinning the stated purpose of this application, yet it does serve to improve the functionality in terms of specificity (via Tags) and inclusion (via Categories).

Further extending these functions, one can imagine a nested list of category tags

For examples of infinite-depth, internally-nested collapsible lists - which would all be great functionality add to the "Saved Searches" sidebar of the Archive - check out the Workflowy app: https://workflowy.com/

The concepts in this post are not property of their author. Expression of these concepts in no way implies legal ownership of this intellectual creation that I have invented.

Which of these would you like to use?
  1. Function 1 (software-implemented): Optional Visual Hierarchical Display of Saved Searches0 votes
    1. Function 2 (user-implemented): Bundled Tags
    2. BOTH
    3. NEITHER


  • @adamjtakenotes, Welcome to the forums.

    Can you tell us more about your project, are you working on a plug-in for The Archive?

    my first Zettel uid: 202008120915

  • Hello, thanks for engaging.

    No, I am suggesting features which I believe should be made native to the app. The principles of these features align with the principles of the Zettelkasten in a way that I believe would result in a bigger size of result and at faster speeds, so I do hope they take notice!

    I have additional feature ideas that align with these outcomes as well, and would be happy to share them for free with the creators of this app so they can improve their product for all of us.

    If you know anyone who knows them, please feel free to mention them in this thread. Knowing their aesthetic discernment, I expect they would be able to see the untapped potential in this - and even more which I haven't yet shared.

  • @adamjtakenotes They both monitor this forum on a daily basis - you will see them post as @Sascha and @ctietze - no need to worry about them missing any suggestions! :wink:

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