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[REQUEST] Auto populate note ID as a heading in new notes

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Simple but confounding question: Some of my notes do not show the unique ID and title in red at the top of the text of the note, why? I thought that was supposed to populate automatically.

I'm just getting started with the archive here and found this odd. I'd prefer to have the ID's there always. Couldn't find an answer with a number of searches and preferences don't seem to have an option for this.


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  • Hi @christo

    Are you using The Archive? If so, how are you creating a note? If you are using "File....New", you just get a blank note with a date stamp for the file name. Anything else, you add in yourself.

    If you are using one of @Will 's Keyboard Maestro macros, then "Ctl + z" will open up a window into which you can type the title of the zettel. The title will be added to the date stamp in the file name, and both the date stamp and the file name will show up at the beginning of your zettel (as if by magic; format depends on how you've set up the macro).

    You can read about @Will 's Keyboard Masetro macro here:


    I'm not sure if this answers your question. If not, please respond!

  • @christo It's not in fact automatic. The request for this feature is pretty old, I admit -- the technical reason this isn't implemented, yet, is that the upcoming new Markdown editor component of the app was planned as a prerequisite to do such kinds of automatization. Then it took way longer to ship the new editor than we ever expected.

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  • Thanks for your replies! Yes, I am using The Archive. I started with the demo version some months ago and created a few notes. When I created some of those notes, I got, in the note field, a hashtag with the note datestamp, all in red at the top. If I typed a title beside it, that populated next to the datestamp in the sidebar showing all the notes automatically.

    Now for some reason, when I create a new note, the note field is blank, though the datestamp/unique identifier shows in the sidebar.

    So the function used to be there it seems? I purchased The Archive software this week and it's a newer version than the demo I had been using, so maybe that explains it?

    In any case, thanks for the help and for the KM info. Looks useful!

  • Hi, sorry to belabor this and ignore if I am off base, but as I look at my early notes, they did in fact auto-populate in red at the top of the text field of the note with a hashtag followed by the unique ID, and then I could type in a title. I found that useful and as I mentioned it no longer happens.

    Is that a quirk of an earlier version? Should I re-install? Just a bit confused at the anomaly. I could sort out the Keyboard Maestro if necessary, but if the Archiv would just do what it used to do, that would be fine.


  • @christo While my memory could no doubt fail me (it's often not that accurate to begin with :)) I just tried with ancient versions like v1.3.0 and can confirm that adding the heading wasn't a feature of ⌘N to create a new note, the quick entry window, nor creating a note by pressing enter in the Omnibar. Could it be that you evaluated other apps at the same time and mix these up?

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  • Thanks @ctietze, for the reply. No, I was using The Archive separately, and not using other apps or plugins/macros with it (beyond my ken). Anyway, thanks for checking it out. It will remain a mystery!

  • Just a quick follow on, again, this link to the main Archive page showing an image of a sample note with the hashtag and ID in red at the top of the note.


    @ctietze this is NOT what a new note is supposed to look like?

    My new notes are totally blank. Nothing. Thanks and sorry to belabor!

  • It's how we suggest people format their notes, but at the moment it's still a manual process nevertheless.

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  • Very good. Thanks @ctietze!

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