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(Feature Request) Keyboard Shortcut for list type

In an older version of The Archive, 'Cntl+CMD+T' would switch between list types...One could highlight text and then the shortcut could number the list, or add dashes, or remove the list format altogether. In the most recent update, this keyboard combo toggles typewriter mode on/off.

(I have an older version of The Archive on imac, and the newest version on laptop and noticed this.)

Any way we can bring this back?
Many thanks


  • Look for the command in the menu and the keyboard shortcut will show.
    In my case '⌘T'. Yours might be different as I've customized this.

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    I've lost the shortcut entirely in version 1.6.3
    How do you customize it (not a coder, here)?

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    In System Preferences - Keyboard - App Shortcuts. You may not have as many custom keyboard shortcuts as I have and this table may be blank. As soon as you add the shortcut it will appear in The Archive. That will be the test that all when well.

    Select the + button, select The Archive.

    Add the menu name - must be exact! - and a keyboard shortcut.

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    Will Simpson
    “Read Poetry, Listen to Good Music, and Get Exercise”

  • Will, Thank you for walking me through this. This opens up many doors! Thank you

  • When we added system standard shortcuts for tabs and window management back to The Archive, this shortcut was removed because it collided with them. We haven't added back an alternative thus far.

    The fact that we all have to customize this shortcut ourselves now is a bit annoying. @sfast and I also from time to time miss the shortcut (as neighbors might have noticed who pick up out swearing :))

    I'm still on the look-out for good shortcut candidates. ⌃L (L for List) is system default for centering the line with the insertion point; ⌘⌃L is a bit awkward to type already. Suggestions welcome.

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