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How to record a source you want to read, but have not yet read?

Hello from a newcomer to all this good stuff! Please suggest ways of handling this situation: I am reading an article by an author named Barker. He paraphrases some useful things from an earlier article by Rugg. I want to read Rugg's article at some time in the future, but I have not yet read it.

In the note for that information I can record the source as "Baker 2018, citing Rugg 2002." And I can make a literature/reference note for Rugg's article, using Baker's citation in his bibliography. And I suppose I can tag that literature/reference note containing the title, date, journal, etc. of Rugg's article with a tag like #unread or #to_read.

Then someday when I have nothing to do (lol) I can search for that tag and get a list of things I have been wanting to read, including Rugg 2002.

Is this something that other people do? Do you handle it similarly or differently? Thank you!


  • This sounds like a good way to do it.

    Personally, I try to keep my reading list separate from my ZK. I dislike opening my ZK and feeling like it's a task to be completed rather than a space in which to work. Marking things as #to-read makes them feel like tasks to me. I keep a separate folder with markdown files that list references I'm interested in reading along with a quick description of why I'm interested in them and some topic tags.

  • Thank you! Well, I already have a monstrously huge Evernote note to which I've been adding (or "collector-fallacy-ing") title after title for years, so I might as well keep that going :)

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    I use a tag for the three stages of a permanent note; Fleeting, Sprint, In-Progress. A permanent note won't have any of these progressive tags. For a scenario like your I'll tag it as a fleeting note #0fn and do this;

    Baker 2018, citing Rugg 2002
    <!-- AJ: Read chapter 3 and take notes. Book is in the living room shelf -->

    The text in between <!-- and --> is a html comment and isn't visible when you preview in html or pdf.

    Every night on wednesday, saturday, and sunday I review notes that have tag #0fn (fleeting note, the zero is just for alphabetical sorting) and decide if I will spend time on them. If I choose one, I re-tag to #0fs (fleeting sprint) and gather a group of notes and stop adding more. Then I work on each separately and assign a tag #0ip (in progress) and when the note is done I remove the tag and the note is permanent.

  • I have extensive reading list in my research.org to solve this problem.

    However, I am using second hand citation next to nil.

    I am a Zettler

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