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We, as a community of forum participants, have tremendous capacity and the ability for deep-thinking, problem-solving, help, support, and encouragement for each other. In my time lurking in the forums for over two years and then actively since October 2019, time and time again, I have seen individuals and members collectively think, act, say, and do amazing things. The thoughtfulness and generosity are nurturing, and the time we spend here intellectually stimulating.

This is a truly amazing and magical place.

I haven’t seen it come up much, but the pandemic is always behind the scenes. Our community is spread across the world. We are indeed an international group. We are all affected by the coronavirus in one degree or another.

After pondering for a while, I decided to set up this encouragement discussion not for discussion but as a place to share and encourage each other during the challenging and difficult times we face.

If you are facing difficult circumstances for yourself or someone you know and love, share it here. I know we as a community will listen and respond with thoughtfulness, hope, encouragement, and prayers.

Check-in and let everyone know you are doing ok. Share stories of triumph. If you are on the front lines, share it with us so we can direct the good, thoughts, and power, we can collectively bring to bear your way.

I know we can think together. We can hope and encourage together too.


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