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Feedback request: using Git for zettelkasten notes

I'm wondering if it could be useful to use Git for version controlling my files into the zettelkasten folder. Anymore uses Git for their writing, any feedback to share?

My use cases:

  • know new files created since date d
  • know differences in a file between 2 dates
  • ..

But I think find command and Mac version control are enough for those simple use cases. Maybe Git could be used for more useful things regarding the zettelkasten method...?


  • When I developed the first version of The Archive, I put my notes under version control with git to see if anything odd happens -- are all reported deletions expected? Was note A overwritten with the contents of note B due to some asynchronous operation?

    As a safeguard, I liked this a lot. Considering that you can automate checking in changes daily at midnight, you can use git diff to calculate how much you wrote each day. Apart from toying around with that, I didn't find any value in keeping a version control system for my notes.

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