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The Archive - TableFlip issue : The document could not be saved

I used recently The Archive with TableFlip and I met the following issue:

  1. I opened TableFlip, edited table and saved the 1st time. OK
  2. Then I edited again some more info and saved agin (2nd time). I had an issue then : "The document x could not be saved".

I had to close TableFlip, reopen and reedit again...

Do you have this same issue? Do you have a solution?

I have checked some files and folders permission issues but it seems everything is OK there.


  • It seems TableFlip works better with TextEdit app: I can update and save a table several times in TableFlip and the results in the txt file opened with TextEdit updated also seamlessly.

    What is the problem with The Archive? I can't work with the current behavior, every time I update the table in TableFlip, I can't save the results...

  • @ctietze Do you know the issue I described?

    I bought TableFlip since The Archive v1.5 with multiple external editors selection. I found very convenient to edit a table in The Archive with ||then open TableFlip.

    But every time, I click Cmd+S in TableFlip, I can't edit anymore. I have to close and reopen TableFlip. And even if I don't save, it seems The Archive autosave every 10-15s and then I can't edit the table anymore. It is very annoying. I hope there will be a solution.

  • I haven't yet investigated the problem. I'll get back to you shortly!

    Author at Zettelkasten.de • https://christiantietze.de/

  • Progress report: It seems TableFlip now suffers from these kinds of hiccups when the file extension is .txt. It does not happen when the extension is .md. I'm positive this was not a problem half a year ago, so I'll dig deeper to figure out what macOS now wants to work differently.

    Author at Zettelkasten.de • https://christiantietze.de/

  • @ctietze Yes, tested and it works with .md.

    Your finding is a workaround, even if I prefer to keep my zettelkasten folder in .txt.

  • Hi @ctietze It seems The Archive with TableFlip works correctly now, even with .txt extension. Did something change, an update that I wasn't aware?

  • This doesn't always happen, so you might be on a lucky streak. That's why it takes so long to ship a proper update to TableFlip: verifying that everything works is cumbersome :)

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