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[REQUEST] Finder tag conversion

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Hi. Can the tag converter app or The Archive app itself be tweaked to add Finder tags to note documents which correspond to tags within the notes? This is a feature of the new nvUltra app which would be useful in The Archive.

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  • @capcrime Can you elaborate a bit more what it would do differently than the current TagConverter tool?

    Just for reference for the rest, the TagConverter tool is available for free here and puts #hashtags for Finder tags into your files: https://zettelkasten.de/the-archive/tag-converter/

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  • Sorry for the word salad. I want to add Finder tags to the .txt file which correspond to the #tags which appear in the text. nvUltra updates Finder tags to correspond to the textual tags. Would be nice to offer a similar option in The Archive. I have figured out a Keyboard Maestro macro that will do it, though. Will post in future.

  • Ah, you want it in that direction :) Noted.

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  • Hi, I'm new to TA (still in the trial period) and I'm pretty impressed so far!

    Coming from nvAlt I have written a script which automatically creates the Finder tags based on the metadata section of a markdown file.

    The metadata section is organized in key: value lines at the top of the markdown file and it ends on the first empty line. So if you organize your tags there, the Finder tags will be written automatically. Example:

    tags: #markdown #finder #macos
    # MacOS Finder Tags

    This works with txt files as well as long as you keep your tags at the top of the file.
    The Finder tags are written without the leading '#' (nvUltra unfortunately does not remove it). With the leading '#' the tags work out-of-the box with iOS apps like 1Writer.

    The script is automatically executed whenever a file in your folder is created or modified so there is no user interaction necessary.

    Maybe you want to give it a try. You can find the script with instructions in my github repo:

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