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Zettelkasten, as far as I've learned (beginner)

Hey Zettlers,

I've been studying Zettelkasten non-stop for almost a week now. I experimented making Zettelkasten on the Zettelkasten method and in my experience, I've started to read differently. What do I mean? I've started taking notes on everything I read, and almost stopped consuming miscellaneous information. (e.g. blindly given tips/hacks that are so isolated from their context)

So here's my visual summary of the big picture. I want to eventually share this on my blog so beginners and non-academics can easily grasp the method.

Also, I noticed there was a pattern of linking notes when I've accumulated them:

  1. Start with the index of structure notes. It's easier to find relevant notes to topics you recognize are relevant. Then, you can just traverse the Zettelkasten by clicking on relevant links continuously
  2. Then, use the tags. Surely, there might be some notes you missed, unless you went through them all one-by-one in the first step
  3. Then, use the search. Some notes are implicitly connected, so some keywords might make them potentially relevant. Not always, though.

I'd love to know your thoughts! Criticism is welcome :smile:

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