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Feature request: setting use ID for all file names


thank you for the software, it is really useful.

Would it be possible to support the use of IDs for non-empty file names? I think it could be done by tweaking the Settings -> General -> File Name Convention and using this options:

  • Do not use IDs, empty files will be named "Untitled"
  • Use IDs for file names, empty files will be named just by the ID and non-empty files will be named with the ID plus a space and the given name

This way it would be possible to create file names like 202003022012 Note Name.txt in one click.


  • Hmm, so far this works when you create a new file; for which actions that you take do you imagine the ID to be added?

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  • Hi Christian, thank you for your answer.

    Yes, it works but only when you leave the empty the omnibar, so to get a note name 202003022012 Note Name the interaction is as follows:
    1. press enter on the empty omnibar, then you get a note named eg 202003022012
    2. double-click the note name
    3. click the right arrow to deselect
    4. press a space
    5. finally, type the desired name in the note name field, then you get 202003022012 Note Name

    What i was proposing is that with the second File Naming Convention setting the following interaction works:
    1. Type the desired name in the omnibar eg 'Note Name'
    2. press enter to get 202003022012 Note Name

    The users that do not want to use the IDs can still name with the default 1st. setting.

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    aha! That makes sense, thanks for clarifying. Reminds me of where this thread was heading. It's on my list :)

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