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Version 2 of my Evernote Tags Autocomplete Macro

(I hope people will forgive me that I opened a new thread about this. I accidently had created a thread about the first version of this spin on @kaidoh's type-ahead tag search post in the introduce yourself category... although I guess that's a telling introduction in itself - content wise and faux pas wise. Anyways, hopefully this category fits better.)

An English speaking blogpost about this with a download link to the macros can be found here: Evernote Tag Autocomplete Macro Version 2

This macro enhances the tagging functionality of Evernote's native macOS client by providing a way to search for tags in an "unanchored" way, that is, if I have a tag "gotomuseum", I can find this tag when searching for "museum", whereas the native tag autocomplete would only find the tag, if I typed at least "gotom". This is helpful, when having lots of tags in a deeply nested tag hierarchy.

The main difference between the two versions is, that there is no need anymore for a note that holds all the tags, since we now get the tags from Evernote's applescript interface, which should make it much easier to use.

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