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Very basic question

I've just installed The Archive and have been looking around the forum to get my bearings. I notice that some people use a heading like the following:

Title: Approaches to a Typewriter text component
ID: 201707081109
Tags: #nstextview ##outline #typewriter-mode

I assume there's a command for generating the template, but don't see what it is. Would someone please explain?


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    Take a look in this thread for different macros and scripts :)

  • @Scott

    Many folks use Texexpander and or Keyboard Maestro Mac apps for templates and boilerplate text.

    Use these site search commands from your favorite search engine for reviewing the blog and forum discussions and comments about these tools.

    • site:zettelkasten.de Texexpander
    • site:zettelkasten.de Keyboard Maestro

    If you are a Windows user others here will comment on app choices.

  • I'm on a Mac and will be using Zettelkasten in conjunction with Scrivener, Google Drive, and Zotero. I'm not acquainted with Texexpander or Keyboard Maestro but will look into them. Thanks.

  • @Scott for a very simple start, check out macOS's text replacements from the System Preferences: https://support.apple.com/guide/mac-help/replace-text-punctuation-documents-mac-mh35735/mac

    You could define ..head (or any other phrase that you likely won't type anywhere else by accident) to expand to the template of your choosing.

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