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Link suggestion/autocompletion not working for me

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I have an issue with both The Archive and nvALT (latest stable versions on both).
Link suggestions/autocompletion is not working.
After typing [[ and start typing the other note's title (in the same case), no suggestions pop-up appears... nothing happens.

Any ideas how to fix this, what might be causing it?

Thanks in advance!

PS: I have granted Full Disk Access for both The Archive and nvALT - no dice.

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  • After reading around some more, I think The Archive doesn't have this feature. However nvALT should? I saw it in action here: https://zettelkasten.de/posts/nvalt-zettelkasten-implementation/#note-connections

  • @El_Cid

    Not sure if you are a Keyboard Maestro user but take a look at this comment and see if there is anything there that might help.


    There are other scripts there in that discussion that maybe be of use.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks. I'm an Alfred user myself. :) I saw that thread and it's pretty cool!

    I'm just trying to figure out why that feature is not working on nvALT. I suppose it's not available on The Archive right?

  • In this blog-post Christian talks about The Archive not supporting autocomplete and discusses how he emulates the feature in his workflow:

    We do understand that this is useful and saves some time and effort – after all, the manual process outlines above is a bit tedious at first, though you get used to it with time. The Archive doesn’t support this exact feature, yet.

    And here he says it is on his ToDo List: https://forum.zettelkasten.de/discussion/comment/1961/#Comment_1961

    I used google (or you can use duck duck go) site search to find these. The forum search is useful but once I switched to this it made answers easier and quicker to find.

    site:https://forum.zettelkasten.de autocomplete

    It may help you to get more definitive answers from the forum.

    I started with Alfred and resisted getting Keyboard Maestro for a long time. Once I took the plunge never looked back.

    The nice thing about the KM macros available through the forum is they are nearly plug-and-play. You simply import them and change the directory location to match the one you use for The Archive.

    I guess Alfred doesn't get as much attention here because the solution of adding KM to your toolkit is worth the price of admission. Not trying to sell you just saying KM lets you use the solutions others create with very low friction and definitely pays for itself over time by saving you time. Time is pretty valuable.

    Your profile picture is quite interesting. Good luck.

  • I'm trying out how zettel can work for me. I like the idea of focusing on links between notes and not bothering to have a complete set of links for each notes.

    Link suggestion via autocomplete lets me know whether I already have a note for an idea I am thinking of. Since I am still building my zettelkasten, I can't be sure about this.

    I found this:

    Noteplan , which has been my main calendar, notes and todo app for several years now, can make meaningful suggestions even with prepended datetime: it will suggest all notes that contain the string I am typing after typing [[

    for example [[zett will suggest [[202004061110-zettel]] as well as [[202004061111-verzettelt]] and [[gazette]].

    So I have been experimentally pointing The Archive to the Noteplan/Notes folder on Icloud Drive. So far this works great, I can view all my notes in Noteplan or in The Archive and find both aspects useful.

    Noteplan has one idiosyncrasy for this kind of use, though: The header needs to be the same as the file name and stay the same, otherwise links to that note don't work in Noteplan but only in The Archive. This is so because Noteplan sets the file name once according to the first header the note has before hitting return, but points links to the header and never updates the file name of a note even when I change the header. I can manually update the file name via Finder without noteplan crashing, but it's a bit tedious. So Noteplan might be a good app to use with a Zettelkasten.

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