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Slowing down on some notes

I have a note where I keep a list of people that I have to track. It consists of names, emails, some correspondences that I've had with them.

After some amount of input, browsing through the note is very slow. Could you help with this?


  • @shurain you might try putting each person in a separate note. With each person in their note, it keeps the note from getting too large. Use the OmniBar to search for a person. Creative use of tags would help. The advantage of having a note for each person is that visually the note would be uncluttered. If each note contained the tag, for example, #con, then inputting #con in the OmniBar would populate the SideBar with a list that could be 'browsed' and sorted. But search wins over browsing every time. Even if your search only limits your browsing.

    No need to worry about the number of files becoming too many. The Archive is optimized for a vast amount of files in a directory but not for particularly huge files, not that txt/md files get that huge.

    My strategy is to keep each note as small as possible but not too small. This line is hard to define. When a note gets more than a screen or two, I split it and create a link. Having two notes creates twice the opportunities for future linking of these atomic bits of knowledge. If a note contains ten correspondences and you want to find or link to a particular one, but not necessarily all the others, then having them split into individual notes is the savior.

    This might not fit your use case, but I hope it helps.


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  • Sorry for the trouble! The current Markdown highlighter is the culprit of the slowdown. I'll exchange it with something faster later this year. Until then, shorter notes are the best medicine.

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  • @Will The note only contains 2500 words and I don't think it should be this slow.
    @ctietze Thanks for the feedback. I think the specific slowdown is due to a table. The table has six columns and roughly 70 rows. Hopefully the problem will be solved soon.

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