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[BUG] The Archive 1.4.7 Switching Archives

When trying to switch archives, none of the notes appear. However, when I switch back to the original archive all the notes appear. It seems that The Archive is not populating the notes when trying to use a different archive.

Can anyone else confirm this behavior?


  • It's working fine for me. Do you have read permission on that folder?

  • Thanks for chiming in @orderinthecourts, yes, I confirmed that I have read and write permissions for that folder.

  • Hm, what do you mean by "populating"? It sounds a bit as if you'd expect your original notes from archive "A" to appear after switching to archive "B", like if you moved or copied the folder. (If so, that's not what The Archive does: it only changes the folder of notes to observe, and if it's empty, you will see an empty list.)

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    @ctietze by populating I meant that no notes are showing up from the alternate folder I am selecting (Archive B ). But switching back to the original folder (Archive A) allows me to see the notes in that folder as usual.

    For testing I created a new folder (Archive C) and the notes I put in populated correctly. I'm suspecting that adding a folder that was created before 1.4.7 is the problem. My student who was having trouble as well said he resolved it by downloading The Archive again and creating a new folder.

  • Yeah this sounds like there's something wrong with the folder. Also super awkward, because The Archive doesn't change the folder itself, and nothing with regard to the folder reading has changed in about a year.

    Could you try to zip and send it to my email? support@christiantietze.de Could be that zipping and unzipping destroys the broken metadata already, so maybe try to unzip and open it on your computer first.

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  • What's weird is that I copied the folder to the desktop and then directed The Archive to the folder and all the notes populated as expected. I then copied it again, zipped it, unzipped it like you asked and once again, The Archive was able to populate the notes. It must be something wrong with only the original folder that gets corrected once it is duplicated. Should I still send the zip?

  • If the unzipped version doesn't show the same problem, there probably is no point in sending it over, sadly. Good to know you figured out how to get the result you wanted and have the other folder be accessible.

    If you're curious what's going on there, we can dig a bit deeper. Send me an email in that case 👍

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