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Browsing The Archive's folder using Devonthink

I'm currently working with my Zettelkasten to put together a collection of related zettels as a starting point for a larger writing project.

While I have my own created links between zettels to follow, I also tried to load my Zettel-folder into Devonthink to see what the algorithms there could surface as well. And it turns out that might be a useful complement, to find (and make into "hard") links in my Zettelkasten.

So far, just a short promising test. Has anyone used Devonthink as a "browsing tool" in this way and have any tips to share on how to get the most out of the tool?


  • I don’t have any brilliant tips, but am also interested to hear what folks have come up with. I love DevonThink, and started my Zettelkasten in that program. But I found it a bit too fiddly, and more important, found the iOS version really not up to the task. (I’m now using The Archive and 1Writer). But DevonThink does have that incredible AI!

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