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Typing lag?

I have been an NVAlt user for many years, but I'm trying out the Archive now that NVAlt seems to have stopped working entirely.

I'm periodically noticing a lot of lag between typing and when my text actually shows up. It feels like this happens on some of my larger text files. Anything I can do about this?

I don't do anything with images, etc – just text, and I have a pretty hefty MacBook so I'd be surprised if it is a resources issue.



  • A little more investigation - this definitely looks related to filesize. I have a couple of larger notes in my collection. This one is 19k words, another that NVAlt had no issue with is 100k words (attempting to open that in The Archive causes OSX to beach ball).

    Is The Archive just suited for smaller text files, or is there an upper limit to how large a note can be?

  • Yeah, it's the Markdown highlighter choking on longer or complex documents (e.g. nested lists). I'm working on a fix in the meantime.

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  • Ah, good to know. I'd also be happy with a way to turn off the highlighter if that's a faster solution - it's lovely but not required for what I'm doing.

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