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Local and Online Meetups

Is anyone interested in a meetup, either online (Zoom?) or in person? I created one a month ago or so on the Tinderbox forum and it was a lot of fun. Even Mark, the developer, showed up. We had people in Europe and the San Francisco Bay area, so "early-ish" Saturday morning seemed to accommodate peoples' schedules. I did something similar for the Learn OmniFocus group of locals. Nothing like geeking out with friends!

I noticed in a new post that @mediapathic is local to the Bay Area! Anyone else?

I live in Hayward currently, and have a car, so I can get around in the Bay Area pretty easily. I work an early shift that usually ends at 1p PT, and most evenings and weekends are free—at least with a little notice.

I'm actually free today for any locals who'd like to meet over coffee or adult beverages.

Otherwise, maybe we can share where we are and times that work for local and online meetups?

I'll add a post after this one as a kind of card with logistics.

fabricando fabri fimus


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    location: SF Bay Area - Hayward, CA

    work hours: M–F 5a–1p PT

    availability: After work and weekends.

    online or local meetups: Both!

    fabricando fabri fimus

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