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Homepage: innovationdilation.com

Really interesting, remind me of BasKet, but it's so barebone simple.
No links, no tags, no actual folder structure.

The author admits in one of email sent to me that current app has some memory leaks issues, but he promised he'll fixed it soon.
He prefers not charging user anything, but he doesn't exclude that possibility.
He expects people can contribute to development of Indigrid in later future by developing good plugins for Indigrid. That's one major reason he prefers not charging users.

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  • Really digging the justified design philosophy, some interesting ideas in there about how thinking with external tools works. I can't wait for the mac version so I can play with it.

  • Another thumbs up for the 10,000-word Design Philosophy and well worth the read. I too look forward to the Mac version but loaded the window version for curiosity.

    The resizable columns view approach is interesting providing a broader forest and the trees view for your focus or even maybe a comparison view if you wanted. Quite different than using tabs.

    I hope this app gains some attention and traction. It really is fascinating.

  • The tool looks cool, but did someone found the possible to link?


    These represent the types of data or structures that you can create using Indigrid.


    • Links between different elements.
    • Used to represent associations between two existing fragments.
    • These are the ideas that come from organizing, reasoning, deciding, planning.

    Under: https://innovationdilation.com/design-philosophy.html#primitives

  • Here is a link to the Quick Start page I found from the Help menu. No mention of linking but there is a beta program and email address for support toward the bottom of the page.

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