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  • @Will : Is it possible to describe your workflow in a bit more details. I have been reading around your posts and seems you are using a combination of The Archive, IA Write and Evernote. I wanted to know how you have blended this around.
    Alternatively, Is there a post where I can get your workflow in a bit more details ?

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    @amit : My workflow is informal and compartmentalized. I'm not sure this will answer your question or not.

    1. PKM: (Personal Knowledge Management)
      This is where I work with what I'm learning. I use "The Archive" to sort the processing of books,
      papers, articles, classes, sudden bolts of insight that strick unbidden. This processing starts with marking up a reading with marginalia, a rest of a few hours to a few months, opening "The Archive", making a summary note, then reviewing markup and marginalia to see if it still resonates with me and then great a note with a link on the summary page.

    (Below is a screenshot of the start of a current summary note.)

    1. Journaling
      This is where I continue with my old daily practice of stream of conscious noting of my day. This stuff is not relevant to my Zettlekasten work. I use "Evernote" for this and was an early adopter. I store my readme later stuff here. I drank the kool-aid long ago. I see this as separate from the learning aspect of PKM

    2. Minimalist Journal
      This is where I have my traveling notes. Some make it into "Evernote" and some "The Archive". It depends on the context.

    I'm currently looking at various text editors "Atom" and "Texts". I'm not sure why, probably because I'm being attracted like a moth to a flame by newness bias.

    My motto around my workflow is to relax and not worry. Things will change so be prepared, but other than that do what feels right and see. My workflow can be improved and I'm open to that. That doesn't mean that what I'm doing now is somehow wrong or bad. When I know better I'll do better.

    Will Simpson
    I'm a Zettelnant.
    Research: Attention Horizon, Dzogchen, Non-fiction Creative Writing

  • @will Lots of great stuff here. I've noticed in both Texts and Atom that if I open an existing markdown doc, it will change aspects of the formatting. One example is as follows:

    The original doc starts as:

    tags: #idea

    Then, if I open in Texts or Atom, it's changed to:

    tags: /#idea

    Why is this happening and have you figured out a way to reduce the autoformatting of these two apps?

  • @nickmilo22 I have abandoned both Texts and Atom. Texts has troublesome pandoc and PDF conversion issues along with no support and most importantly no community. Atom, while it has a vibrant community around it, it is a configuration nightmare. So many interlinked options, it seems like the Microsoft Word of the plain text editors. I'm coming to the realization that I prefer a simpler writing experience. It is what attracted me to Markdown and Zettelkasten and The Archive.

    Now this? I don't know what to think. According to this, a # is escaped with a \ in Markdown. This is when you want to use a # in your text and not for Markdown function like linking. I couldn't find where this functionality is changed in the morass that is Atom's configuration file.
    And no preferences in Texts that I could find without a lot of rig-a-ma-roll. We all need less rig-a-ma-roll in our day.

    Now I'm off to try others. We are blessed with a plethora of Markdown editor choices.

    Will Simpson
    I'm a Zettelnant.
    Research: Attention Horizon, Dzogchen, Non-fiction Creative Writing

  • @will Thanks for your insights. I totally agree. I uninstalled Atom and Texts. I tried Typora again, but it just doesn't do anything for me. We need less rig-a-ma-roll!

    Honestly, and maybe SOMEONE on this forum know how, honestly, I just want to have multiple The Archive apps. Not tabs, not windows... apps.

    To me, it's the simplest cleanest way to achieve: having more than one library open at a time, and still working within the exact same environment—where I know the interface and hotkeys the best.

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