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Web app: Roam

Roam keeps coming up in my feeds from friends. It looks not easily applicable for ZK because it does what wikis do, in that a link is a link and not a search. But it inherently contains the idea of connected text and is very oriented toward that. Notes are made by default divided by day, so there is an implicit temporal structure. The really nice looking part though is the built in graphing of the network.

It's a web app, and thus is not at all future proof. Based on this and the way links work, probably not something I will use for ZK, but definitely a tool worth checking out for anything involving linked concepts.


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    It also encourages you to create meta-notes from nouns repeated in your "diary" notes, which is a curious difference compared to the zettelkasten method. The developer said somewhere that the intent of the app's design is on training you into good thinking patterns just by using the app normally. I haven't tried it though.

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  • I wrote some thoughts and questions on the philosophy of this app, and how it might apply to Zettelkasten, here:


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