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Create Zettel from Reading Notes According to the Principle of Atomicity

imageCreate Zettel from Reading Notes According to the Principle of Atomicity

The Zettelkasten note-taking method has made book writing and writing scientific papers easy for hundreds of years already.

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  • Are these overviews structure notes?

  • Meh, the post from 2013 is very light on detail in that regard. That could use some updates :)

    Back in 2013, Sascha hadn't formalized the notion of a 'structure note', yet, so back then I didn't think of these. But they are good candidates for overviews.

    The example in the post I give is to create a Mind Map -- it's an overview so you can find your way around e.g. core concepts in the book. Stuff that doesn't fit in the margins of a book because it spans the book's entirety. I believe I had informal overviews on sheets of paper in mind because I'm such a scatterbrain.

    A structure note for the book is a good alternative because you get the overview plus it's part of the Zettelkasten.

    The screenshot in the post doesn't show a structure note for this book. Given the fact that the same screenshot shows 20 notes referencing this book, that might've been a good idea in hindsight. -- Back in 2013 or so I might've asked myself: but do I really need a long-lasting overview of this book? Is it that important to compete with my 3 or 4 book structure notes of that time? Today, I wouldn't worry, because having the overview doesn't hurt. In my video series on "Range" by Epstein I started with a book overview note to collect assorted material as I went, so you see there's been progress in my approach.

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    I'll look forward to the update then. :smile:

    A suggestion: Consider including Sascha Fast's "method" to create atomic Zettels. Thinking about idea types and their structures can help in following the principle too.

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