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v1.4.6 Beta (2019-12-07)

Changed: Renaming a note now alters all known history. If you rename A to B, all occurrences of A will be replaced with B in the history. This way, you will not have to remember which note was renamed to what, when you encounter an outdated note filename.

Can you give an example of what this entails? I was thinking it meant if I had five notes that linked to Note ABC, then I changed Note ABC to become Note XYZ, that it would revise the text of those five notes to read "Note XYZ". But that's not what happens.


  • I thought the same. Thank you for asking.

  • This was a response to a bug I filed a short while ago. The situation was the following: There was a link to a note, then I went there, renamed the note, pressed the back button and there was a crash. So, according to the new system, if you go to a note via a link, rename it, then press the back button, it will take you back wherever you were AND also change the history -- e.g., it will list the note with the new name in the history. E.g., if you had a search in the sidebar and you go back to that search, now the note with the new name will appear in the results.

    (I'm afraid I'm not very good at explaining this. But thank you @ctietze for fixing the issue!)

  • That mostly makes sense. So it's more of a bug fix than a new feature. Thanks @zvt

  • @zvt I'm sort of following you and can see where that issue could arise. Thank you for explaining.

  • Thanks for providing the explanation, @zvt! That's pretty much it. Previously, the original file name would appear in the history, that is the name before you renamed a note; now only the new file name will be visible, no matter how far back you go.

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