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Curious minds want to know. So I created a statistical dashboard for my zettelkasten with Keyboard Maestro.

You can see I'm a bit of a beginner.

It is a little bit of a work in progress as I am still working on a legitimate way to report on the number of words added yesterday and so far today. I think I've come up with a way but we'll see.

If you apply this macro, consider sharing a screenshot of your dashboard. This isn't golf, the lowest score doesn't win.

This is a screenshot.

Here is the Keyboard Maestro Macro.
The usual caveats - change directory of zettelkasten, change "Hot Key", good luck, and let me know if you have questions or suggestions.

Link to Stats Macro

Will Simpson
I'm a futzing, second-guessing, backtracking, compulsive oversharing, ZK-maniac, in other words, your typical zettelnant.
Research areas: Attention Horizon, Productive Procrastination, Dzogchen, Non-fiction Creative Writing, Cognitive Workload, Python, Data Science

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