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[feature request] Saved Searches

Thanks for The Archive. I appreciate all the hard work involved. The Archive is integrated more and more into my life.

I'd like to suggest a few changes to the Saved Search function. You may have already considered these but this is my vote.
1. Having a hidden dot-file in the root directory of the zettelkasten that would be copied and used when accessing from various computers. (I have a laptop and a desktop and an old laptop in the shop.
2. Have the search terms be compatible with full-on regex. Maybe this could be an option for advanced needs.
3. Allow a setting that would tie a saved search as a default view. I find it helpful to make a saved search for a book writing project and a saved search that excludes the project. It is just visually comfortable.
4. Have the option of saving the sorting option with the saved search. Some projects are best viewed on the most recent modified, some are best viewed oldest first.

Maybe this is on my mind as when I upgraded to Catalina, I lost some configure file and had to re-setup The Archive.

Will Simpson
“Read Poetry, Listen to Good Music, and Get Exercise”

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