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Adding support for Mendely


can you add support for the Mendely API to The Archive?


As I like to have my references in the cloud it would be cool if I can select these from within TA.



  • So far we rely on reference managers to provide you with copy-and-paste-able citations. I'm not familiar with Mendeley and so far assumed you'd have a separate reference manager app open to browse your references.

    What would "select" mean for your workflow exactly? Say you're writing a note in The Archive, then somehow selected a reference, what would the resulting change be?

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  • "Select" means that I have a Hotkey, which opens up a search input as a modal dialog where I can search (with autosuggest) for the reference key, the author and/or the book title.

    The benefit of the approach (besides the others of using a cloud storage) would be to not have a separate application open to browse your refs.

    This would just an extra feature on top of the current workflow. Users who are using BibDesk (or any other literature manager) does not need to change the habit.

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