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Adding to my workflow on iPad - the Nebo app for handwritten text.

Just sharing this in case it's helpful to someone. I'd previously set up my workflow from Drafts (iOS) and its 'Store in Zettelkasten' action, which names the Zettel with the yeardatetime stamp and the first line of the note and saves it to the relevant DropBox folder.

I've been using Nebo for a couple of years in addition to typing as I still prefer taking handwritten notes at times - sometimes just in order to relieve a keyboard fatigued posture but sometimes because I'm in a coffee shop or on a train and it's easier than getting out my Bluetooth keyboard. Nebo does an absolutely brilliant job at recognising handwriting and converting it to typed text.

Anyway, today when I went to export my 'typed' note from Nebo (Export / Text) I noticed there's a 'Draft Quick Capture' option directly in the options. Choose that, and the note goes straight into the Drafts app, after which you can go to Drafts and choose the 'store in Zettelkasten' - and job done. A really smooth little workflow.


  • Great option. Do you know of the best way to integrate a handwritten zettelkasten paper card into your system to enable searching?

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