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Pasting links - unique code only

Hi all, very new to all of this but hugely excited by the possibilities of this method. I've spent a few days reading the blog posts and the forum and want to check my understanding about pasting links to zettel notes in the Archive.

Following what I think is Christian's approach, I'm using the naming convention yyyymmddhhmm plus a short descriptive title. So let's say my Zettel is named '201910281114 Issue for consideration'.

I noticed when Christian was doing his video on his book processing that he pasted a link only to [[201910281114]] - and can see that by stripping out the descriptive bit of the title, which may change in later revisions, I guess, that link always points to that zettel no matter what it is renamed to.

Assuming I got that right, is there a quick way just to paste the ID of it, or is it a case of pasting in the full link and editing? In the video, Christian seems to do it so quickly and I can't tell if this is skilled practice or something I'm missing.


  • The videos are sped up to 2000% at times, so no wonder :) Usually I paste the ID and title, i.e. the whole file name, that is when I don't have the ID on its own in my clipboard already. When you paste, the insertion point is put at the end of the pasted content, so I can backwards-delete whole words via Opt+Backspace. That reduces 201910281114 Issue for consideration to 201910281114 in 4 keystrokes: 3x Opt+Backspace to remove the words, and 1x backspae to remove the last whitespace after the ID.

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  • Brilliant! Thanks so much. And thank you for providing this amazing resource (website AND the Archive) - it's literally transformed my studying in a matter of days.

    Whilst I'm here - you mention somewhere in the help for The Archive that there's something to give you more information about keyboard shortcuts but I can't find it. I'm slowly beginning to work some out for myself just by using it, but am I missing being able to find a webpage or similar that lists them?

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