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Recently learned of Zettelkasten, wrote a short piece


A friend of mine mentioned Zettelkasten and in particular Ahrens' book How to Take Smart Notes the other week. I read that book and wrote a little piece as I was reading it here. Then someone posted it on Hacker News and there was some discussion here.

I'm very new to the system but in just a few weeks it has changed the way I read and take notes. I'm using Gollum which is nice since it just uses flat-text markdown underneath, so I sometimes also make changes directly to the files and commit in git.

As a result of the book I also started using Zotero. My basic process is: handwrite notes, process into more cleaner literature notes in Zotero, then from there process once more into zettel. This is time-consuming but I seem to understand a lot more this way.

For background, I worked in IT for a decade, but now I'm writing a novel. Since the novel involves aspects of neuroscience and philosophy, I'm having to do a fair amount of research and new learning (as I studied literature).

I just discovered this forum and am looking forward to discussing it with you all!


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